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Crónica de una violación: el caso de Amber Amour, una historia de lucha por la mujer

Amber Amour ha sido violada en tres ocasiones durante su vida


Es activista y a lo largo de su vida ha sido víctima de tres agresiones sexuales. Estos hechos son los que han provocado que se haya convertido en activista y que luche por la mujer con su campaña 'Stop Rape Educate'. La última de estas violaciones sucedió a finales de 2015 y lo primero que hizo fue compartirlo en las redes sociales, para concienciar de lo importante que es acabar con estas brutales agresiones. Dale al play y escucha la crónica de sui violación a través de Instagram.

We talk about rape, victimblaming, & PTSD but we rarely hear about the STDs & pregnancies, & medical costs that victims are succumbed to after surviving sexual assault. This is a picture of the HIV test that I got today at Marie Stopes, the South African equivalent of Planned Parenthood. As soon as he forced his penis in my mouth, the first scream in my head said, "AIDS!" He wasn't wearing a condom and if he could so ruthlessly violate me, I knew there was a possibility that he could be passing on a STD as well, without a care in the world. I got tested again today because HIV takes about 12 weeks to show up on a test. The nurse at Marie Stopes was bubbly & friendly lightening my grim mood & anxiety. She pricked my finger to draw blood and put it on the control tab. It shows no lines for a negative result and two lines for a positive result. I tested negative for HIV & I'm clean & clear of STDs as well. I walked in the clinic ready for anything and accepting of the results, no matter what they were. The nurse asked me if I was relieved & I told her it wasn't easy either way. For all the survivors who contracted a STD through rape, you are not less than a person because of it. You are still whole. Still complete. You are glorious and radiant. You are strong and you are loved. Never forget that. 🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴🌷🌴 #HIV #AIDS #humanrights #africa #capetown #mariestopes #AIDSawareness #compassion #feminism #feminist #CreatingConsentCulture #consentculture #loveandlight #namaste #health #mentalhealth #womenshealth #fearless #overcome #strength #courage #HIVawareness #education #plannedparenthood

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